A Rotarian is . . . an ordinary person who creates extraordinary impact
A Rotarian is an ordinary person who:

- wants to do something extraordinary - to rise above the daily routine - to make a difference in a community and in the world.

- takes on a small task with unusual enthusiasm.

- has a vision of a world at peace, brought about by goodwill and understanding.

- sees 3 million children each year die from disease and asks, "Why?"

- sees 1200 Rotary Foundation scholarships each year and asks, "Why not more?"

- believes that truth is a difficult and worthy pursuit.

- acts not out of convenience, but out of conviction.

- believes that "Service above Self" is more than an ideal - it is a belief that transforms an ordinary person into an extraordinary member of the world community.

   - Source: Jim Lucas, Past President Bloomington )Minnesota) Rotary