Assistance for Uganda Rural Water project
Partnering with the Squamish Rotary Club and a Calgary Rotary Club, our Club has agreed to support construction of a 1,000,000 litre water catchment project in rural Uganda. The project consists of a collection and filtration system to capture water during the rainy season to provide a cleaner water supply during the 3-month dry season. Combined with a simple household sand bio-filter system and an education program, the aim is to make available high quality drinking water that will help to reduce the incidence of a range of water borne debilitating diseases. On the ground construction assistance and education programming will be delivered by the GARD - Grassroots Assistance in Rural Development, a small Canadian NGO with considerable experience. Geof and Paula Owen from GARD gave an excellent presentation on GARD's work in Uganada. See the GARD website - , which is also available in the Club links section of the Club website.